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'What We Did on Our Holiday' Premiere
Posted on Oct 09 by Saoirse
Last month Ramona attended the premiere of the new movie - 'What We Did on Our Holiday' starring David Tennant and Rosamund Pike. Ramona was there to support the film's writers/directors Andy Hamilton & Guy Jenkin, who also happen to be the creators of Outnumbered! In fact, lots of comparisons have been drawn between the two as both feature improve from three child actors. There are of photos of Ramona (with blonde hair!) in the gallery.

'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' Opening Night
Posted on Apr 13 by Saoirse
Earlier this month Ramona was photographed at the opening night of the new musical 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' in London. The musical actually stars her Outnumbered co-star Samantha Bond, who played Auntie Angela. Ramona attended with her dad, actor Martin Marquez, and showcased a new black pixie haircut. Photos are now in the gallery.

Outnumbered Bids Farewell
Posted on Mar 21 by Saoirse
Hi guys! Apologies for the delay with this update, but I've finally added clips and screencaps from both episode 5, the chinese horde, and episode 6, the musical! Such great episodes and, as usual, brilliant performances from Ramona. As you guys know, Outnumbered has now come to an end. It sure was sad to see the show go, but it was also time to say goodbye. It has been a great few years with the Brockmans (can you believe the show started in 2007?!) and I already miss their weekly antics. But don't worry because the show will be back for Christmas specials! The show ended on a high, with a really spectacular episode. Plus there was a great scene between Ramona and Daniel Roche which reminded me of their scenes together in previous seasons. If you'd like to take a stroll down memory road, Radio Times posted a great collection of Outnumbered's Best Moments. All that's left to be said is - goodbye Outnumbered!

Also, a big thank you to Karisma who sent us in a behind the scenes picture from the final image which was tweeted by Chris Geere (who played Tommy). You can find it in the gallery.

Outnumbered Episode 5
Posted on Mar 04 by Saoirse
Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a download link for the latest episode of Outnumbered. However, the full episode is on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. There's also a new episode still in the gallery. This was probably my favorite episode of the current season so far; especially the scenes between Karen and the headmistress!

Happy Birthday Ramona!
Posted on Feb 24 by Saoirse
Just a short post to wish Ramona a very happy 13th birthday! Today she becomes an official teenager, welcome to the club Ramona! Hard to believe how fast the years have gone by but we sure are excited to see what Ramona does next. Once again, happy birthday Ramona!

Episode 4 Clips & Screencaps
Posted on Feb 21 by Saoirse
Ramona's clips from episode four - The Gap Year, are now in the Media Centre and screencaps are in the gallery! This episode was very funny - I particularly liked Karen's take on The Great British Bake Off. Just two episodes left!

Episode 3 Clips & Screencaps
Posted on Feb 13 by Saoirse
As promised yesterday, clips from the third episode of Outnumbered series 5 are now in the media center and screencaps can be found in the gallery. This episode was very funny. I laughed particularly hard at Karen's questions about childbirth and the baby yoga! We're already half way through the last season of the show! Don't forget to tune in next Wednesday at 9pm!

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