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On stage at Children In Need
Posted on Nov 19 by Saoirse
Thanks to my good friend Bella, I've been able to track down that Children In Need clip I mentioned in the post below. You can find it in the Media Center and on our Youtube Channel. As usual screencaps have also been added to the Gallery.

All three of the kids looked very nervous. But I think they were extremely brave to appear on live television like that. I know if it was me I would have fainted! They all did a wonderful job and supported a worthy cause.

Children In Need screencaps, pictures & clip!
Posted on Nov 19 by Saoirse
Well hello everyone! I hope some of you tuned in to watch Ramona on Children In Need yesterday. The kid's performance of 'Hey Hey We're The Monkees' was brilliant! They all had loads of amazing costumes and props. Plus we got to hear Ramona singing! She has an adorable little voice. I've added the clip to our Youtube Channel and Media Center. I've also put all the screencaps from the video into our Gallery.

Ramona also attended the live event. She appeared on stage for a few minutes with Tyger and Daniel but I don't have a clip from that at the moment. It was very short anyway. However we do have 6 awesome photos from a photoshoot Ramona did backstage at the event. Make sure you go check those out in the Gallery because they're gorgeous!

Finally, Children In Need are currently auctioning off a pudsey bear signed by all three of the Outnumbered children on Ebay. At the moment the bid is 353. Pretty impresive huh? I've added a picture of that, along with another cast photo autograph, to the gallery. Ramona has a really sweet signature.

Children In Need Update!
Posted on Nov 17 by Saoirse
Just a little update today to give you guys some more information about Ramona's Children In Need appearance tomorrow. The show will start at 7pm on BBC1 however, according to my Tv Guide, The Outnumbered Kid's performance won't be on until 8:30pm. If you live in the UK or Ireland I hope you tune in to catch them rocking out to The Monkees. If you can't watch it live don't worry because we always have the clips here on Smiles as soon as possible. Have a great weekend everyone!

Arthur Christmas Released today!
Posted on Nov 11 by Saoirse
I can't believe I almost forgot to post about this! Arthur Christmas is released today in the UK & Ireland. I encourage all of Ramona's British and Irish fans to go see the movie and support our girl! Especially if you never got to see The King's Speech in cinemas, this will be your chance to *hear* Ramona on the big screen! The movie is realeased in the rest of Europe later this month and the USA on November 23rd. For a complete list of release dates, visit IMDB. So go grab your little brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbours (you get the idea) take the whole family to see Arthur Christmas!

The Outnumbered Kids Monkey around for Children In Need
Posted on Nov 11 by Saoirse
Remember how a couple of days ago I posted about Ramona, Daniel and Tyger appearing on Children In Need? Well The Sun has released an article called Outnumbered kids ape The Monkees which includes some info about their skit. It turns out the kids will be doing a performace of Hey Hey, We're The Monkees by, yes you gussed it, The Monkees!! They even dressed up in some 70's hippie clothes! Go take a look at the three images in the Gallery! Don't forget to tune in on November 18th to watch the show and see Ramona in action.
THE CHEEKY children from Outnumbered have got up to some Monkee-business for a Children In Need sketch.

The trio donned sixties gear as they dressed up like chart-toppers The Monkees. Curly haired Daniel Roche, who plays Ben Embry in the hit BBC show, wore pink flowers around his neck and played the guitar. Tyger Drew-Honey, who plays Jake, sat behind the drum kit and rocked some sunnies with a peace sign on them. And blonde actress Ramona Marquez (Karen) played the tambourine and looked cool in yellow heart-shaped shades. The kids will perform Hey Hey, We're The Monkees during the charity broadcast. - SOURCE

Another Arthur Christmas Premiere Clip
Posted on Nov 11 by Saoirse
A second clip from the arthur christmas premiere has surfaced over on Trailer Addict. This one features Ramona twice so stick around till the end. She appears at 02:50 and again at 04:16. Watch it below. And don't go anywhere yet because I have another update coming up right after this one!

Arthur Christmas Red Carpet Interview & clip
Posted on Nov 08 by Saoirse
We're having all the luck with lots of new updates lately guys! An interview with Ramona at the Arthur Christmas Premiere just popped up on youtube. Ramona's part starts at 04:37. It's cool how she says the animators gave Gwen curly hair to look like her. If you watch the trailer, Gwen does look like Ramona! Make sure you check out the interview below.

I also found a new clip from Arthur Christmas called thank you for your letter. You can hear Ramona's voice throughout. I'm super excited for this movie!

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