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'Outnumbered' to return for fifth series?
Posted on Jan 06 by Saoirse
I have great news for you Outnumbered fans! According to BBC Television's Head of Communications Sam Hodges, Outnumbered is in talks to return for a fifth series! This by no means confirms that Outnumbered is coming back so please don't get too excited. However it is definitely a good sign! Read more below.

On a side note, I want to personally thank everyone who watched the Outnumbered Christmas Special. On airing it received more than 7 million viewers and 28% of the viewing audience! I'm sure this was a huge factor in the BBC reconsidering a new series.
Outnumbered is likely to return to BBC One for a full fifth series, it has been announced.

Tyger Drew-Honey, who plays Jake in the sitcom, recently suggested that it might only return for one-off special episodes.

However, BBC Television's Head of Communications Sam Hodges has refuted the rumours on Twitter

"Outnumbered fans - contrary to reports, talks are already under way regarding a new series on BBC One," he said.

Centred around the Brockman family, Outnumbered follows parents Pete (Hugh Dennis) and Sue (Claire Skinner) as they struggle to control their unruly children Jake, Ben (Daniel Roche) and Karen (Ramona Marquez).

Last year, Fox began developing a US remake of the series, with Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz and theatre actor Cliff Chamberlain signing up to star.

The most recent episode of the original Outnumbered aired on Christmas Eve on BBC One, attracting over 8m viewers. SOURCE...

@Sam_Hodges: #Outnumbered fans - contrary to reports, talks are already underway regarding a new series on #BBC1.

National Television Awards Shortlist
Posted on Jan 02 by Saoirse
Happy New Year everybody! I am super excited to see what 2012 brings for Ramona. It being January, we're starting off with award shows. A few weeks ago I posted about Outnumbered being nominated for a National Television Award. You guys voted and guess what? Outnumbered made the shortlist! So all we have to do now is keep voting to help Outnumbered win! Last year it lost out to Benidorm (which is nominated again this year) but hopefully we can get it to win this time! To vote for Outnumbered, please visit the Website. You do not have to vote in every category. Outnumbered is nominated in the Best Situation Comedy category. You can vote once per email address. So if you have more than one email address, you can vote more than once. Voting closes on January 25th, the day the award show takes place. Hopefully Ramona will attend and Outnumbered will win! Now get voting!!

Outnumbered Christmas Special, Clips & Screencaps
Posted on Dec 27 by Saoirse
As promised, I've uploaded all of the 18 clips from the Outnumbered Christmas Special to our Youtube and Media Archive. You can also find screencaps from the episode in the Gallery. This year's special was very funny and highly entertaining! Ramona was as fabulous as always while dealing with knitted socks, dentists and electric razors! Check out some clips below.

Merry Christmas!
Posted on Dec 25 by Saoirse
Myself and Jen would like to wish all our vistors here at Ramona Smiles a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! We hope you are having a fabulous day where ever in the world you might be. We are so proud of this site and so thankful for all the wonderful support and encouragement we recieve. Thank you for staying with us this past year! We of course also wish a very Merry Christmas to Ramona and her family. May they have a great 2012!

On a side note, I hope some of you managed to catch the Outnumbered Christmas Special yesterday! It was very funny and a quite accurate portrayl of family life during Christmas. I don't have time to upload it just yet, but I'll have the clips up later this week once the holiday is over. Happy holidays everyone!!

Christmas Special Photoshoot
Posted on Dec 22 by Saoirse
I've added 7 new photos to the gallery from the Outnumbered Christmas special. These come courtesy of the Official Outnumbered Facebook Fanpage. If you're a big fan like me, you should go 'like' the page to keep up-to-date with the show!

Radio Times Outnumbered Article!
Posted on Dec 19 by Saoirse
Hello all! Great news, just recently Radio Times released their christmas special and guess who they featured? Yup The Outnumbered Cast!! The article is a two page spread with a brand new photoshoot! It's called 'All I Want Is...' because each of the actors (including Ramona) discuss what they'd give their character alter-egos for christmas this year. Ramona says she would give Karen "A pair of high-heeled leopard skin shoes. But not read leopard skin - just pretend." You can find the scans in the Gallery!

Christmas Icons!
Posted on Dec 12 by Saoirse
My very talented friend Flor has made us six gorgeous christmas icons for our icon page. Go take a look because they're lovely and festive. Thanks Flor!

I also need to mention that we put up a new gallery layout a little while ago which was also made by Flor. I kept forgetting to mention it in my posts, but I'm sure you guys all noticed it anyway. Jen deserves credit too because she did all the coding. Thank you ladies!

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